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    Curve to surface

    Amitava Guha

      I am trying to make a ship model using boundary surface tool. The curves are easily joined by the boundary surface, but at the front (i.e bow of the ship) I have a single line which needs to be joined to the curve behind it.

      Can some one tell me how to converge a curve to a line using boundary surface tool.

      Please look at the bow of the attached picture, there is a gap which needs to be removed.

      Thanx for help
        • Curve to surface
          Matt Lombard
          You really shouldn't limit yourself to doing things with a specific tool. If you have to do it with a Boundary, split the curve into half and make the final surface with two features, a left and a right.

          You can use a single line as a constraint curve with a Fill.

          Are you really sure that on something like a ship you want to make a perfectly sharp edge?

          I would look at alternative ways to accomplish this. If you need the sharp, make two separate features.
          • Curve to surface
            Amitava Guha
            Thanks for help.

            I have used boundary surface, but separately for bow part and the rest of the body. And also I used separate curves for left(port) and right (starboard) side.

            Thank you again Matt........... and I read your Biography [ ] ..... its very interesting.