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    Surfaces to Solid???

    Josh West
      This is not a huge issue, but.....

      We have a customer that uses Delcam's Powershape/Powermill. The software is all about surfaces and very good at it, but it's very weak on the solid side. At any rate, it has the ability to convert surfaces to a solid, which we then export for solidworks. Unfortunately, when we iges or stp the solid from powershape to solidworks, it still comes in as imported sufaces.

      Is there a way to convert surfaces to a solid in solidworks? Imported surfaces?

      As an example, I would like to be able to take a form punch designed by our customer, bring it in solid or convert to solid then subtract from another block to make the mating die. Right now I have to reconstruct the geometry and that's not always so easy (if even possible in sw) with the complexity of the surfaces involved.
        • Surfaces to Solid???
          Charles Culp

          How much experience do you have working with surfaces in Solidworks?

          Surfaces can be used to create parts, so the must be "knit" into a solid to make the final part. Knit and Thicken are the two tools I use most often to make a solid out of a surface.
          • Surfaces to Solid???

            The IGES files from PowerShape/Mill should come into SW as solids - that is if they are "representative" (closed collection of surfaces) as a solid form in PowerShape.

            Our IGES translator will take surface files and, if possible, make them solid upon import. Before opening the IGES from Delcam, check the options button on the SW File open dialog and make sure the the options are set correctly to knit it to solid.

            Also on Delcam's behalf, they need to export the IGES with the right iges "tags" (IGES standard settings to control various aspects like trim or untrim.)

            Delcam also has a product called Exchange that will write SW files natively.
            • Surfaces to Solid???
              Roland Schwarz
              Use "Import Diagnostics" to get your imported surfaces to knit. Just RMB one of the imported surfaces in the feature tree and select diagnostics. This will automatically try to create a solid if the surface boundaries are good.

              WARNING: if any additional features are in your file besides original planes and origin and imported surfaces, then diagnostics is not available.
              • Surfaces to Solid???
                Josh West
                Thanks everyone!
                After reading your posts, I checked several files repeatedly with different options set in SW. (SW 2008 sp 2.0)

                What I found was that if there are errors in the surfaces, the Import Diagnostics will repair the errors and bring it in as a solid regardless of the "Try forming solid(s) / Knit surface(s)" options settings. However, if there are no errors, Import diagnostics doesn't touch it and the option button labeled "Try forming solid(s)" must be set instead of "Knit surface(s)". If "Knit surface(s)" is set and there are no errors, an iges solid comes in as surfaces.

                Thanks again guys! problem resolved.