Rezwan Husain

Render to tif, then plot

Discussion created by Rezwan Husain on Feb 22, 2008
As mentioned, I rendered to a tif file and I'm trying to plot it on a Designjet 800. When I first rendered it to a file it was near 100MB, but then I cropped the "plain" background down to just show the part. A save got it down to 12MB (seems like a HUGE drop when all I did was crop a white background off...)

Anyway, I'm using that wonderful MS Office Picture Manager to print the thing and the Designjet 800 is going to take an hour to process the file before it prints.

My main goal is to get as close as I can to a 1:1 scale rendered print of this thing so we can frame it and use it at a trade show booth. I see bits and pieces of how to do this directly from Solidworks, but not enough of the bits and pieces to give me much confidence of having success plotting it to scale without cutting off the ends of the assembly - I have to use a custom size paper since the thing is right about 48 inches long...

Anyway, any guidance will be well recieved.


Todd B.