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    Library Parts and PDMWE

    Jennifer Bahnsen
      I'm really new to PDMWorks Enterprise - haven't even had a chance to attend the Administrator's class yet.

      I want to start setting up an easy to use library of common purchased components. What have you found is the best way to do this? From what I read in another post it sounds like it's better to keep these files in a network location instead of the vault. If they are stored outside the vault for use, do you back them up to the vault?

      I'm also curious about using parts with configurations for things like screws, nuts, etc., versus creating stand alone parts for each size. Any pros or cons? My goal is to make it easy for the engineers to find what they need.

        • Library Parts and PDMWE
          Wayne Tiffany
          We had made a decision to keep our library parts out of the vault for a few reasons.

          We didn't care about tracking changes, so why have that traffic through the vault system.
          They are on a different server which should help overall traffic flow.
          They are accessible with no PDMWE login.
          No storage requirement growth due to saving history.

          The PDMWE system knows they exist but will not include in a BOM.
          No revision tracking.
          No history files - inadvertantly convert one to a new version and you are in trouble.

          Our vault at this time is close to 400 gb so keeping this stuff out helps in that respect.

          • Library Parts and PDMWE
            Jeff Sweeney
            ...screws, nuts 'n such, the Toolbox integration is pretty good with PDMWE.

            Here are a few other cons of leaving your library outside of the vault:

            1. If you are in a replicated environment, the library parts [obviously] won't replicate. Nor will they be copied to your local hard drive
            2. If the parts aren't in the vault, they aren't search-able. Being these are library parts people want to find them quickly
            3. Files outside the vault aren't going to be in the where-used. So if a library part does need to change (obsolescence or supplier changes it) it is difficult to know what may be affected

            Recommendation: If you do put them in the vault, set your library parts to go in their own workflow. They should not go into a production workflow. This keeps the growth of saving history down 'cause you can restrict changes to these parts.