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    Assembly FEA

      I might have figured out the problem...

      I'll let you know if it works...
        • Assembly FEA
          Hello Everyone,

          I recently put together a pushrod coilover setup and I'm trying to test it in COSMOSworks so that the the coilover actually actuate based on the spring flexing.

          However when I test my setup the overall assembly treats the shock/coilover assembly like one piece, so it just deforms my connecting pins or pivots.

          Any idea how to make the shock/spring assembly react as such in the overall assembly?

          I've tested the shock in Cosmos already and it worked fairly nicely already, just cant do it in the large assembly....

          Any ideas?
          • Re: Assembly FEA
            SolidWorks Corp
            If you haven't figured it out and want to shoot me a couple images, I'll talk it thru with you.