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Custom property template change

Question asked by Dean Baragar on May 30, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2016 by Sarah Dwight


I created a weldment-specific custom property template to easily add properties to the individual bodies by clicking on them in the tree.  However, once that particular template pops up, I cannot change back to the main part template.  For example, things like "Drawn By", and "Date" are a part property, but things like "Description" and "Stock Size" are a body property.  If I click on a body to add the description, I cannot then click on the part name at the top of the tree and change back the part property template.  I have to go to File>Properties and fill it out that way.

     However, if I insert that part file into an assembly, then select the part in the feature tree, the custom property tab will switch to part property, but I cannot edit the assembly property.

     Did I set something up wrong, or is the desired functionality?  In my mind, you should be able to click the part name at the top of the feature tree and have the custom properties tab switch to the correct template.