David Berriochoa

Need Help! Override cell data in design tables?

Discussion created by David Berriochoa on Feb 21, 2008
The models we use to generate tubing framework run off design tables. We have it set up so we can select values from pull down lists allowing us to enter data quickly from our orderforms in to the design table. A lot of cells that drive the model dimensions lookup the numbers we select and add, subtract, etc to the number. Sometimes it is necessary to modify numbers in the assembly after the design table updates the model to allow for clearance, intersection angles, etc. In SW2004 we could simply double click the table driven dimension and input a new value and the model could be rebuilt, effectively overriding the design table value. In SW2007 and 2008 we have to reopen the design table, delete the equation and replace it with the value we need. This is time consuming and frustrating, easily finding the right cell is near impossible because of the sheer amount of dimensions being driven by the design table. Anyone know of a work around? I know there is a check box to allow dimensions to update the design table, but it doesn't work if the cell you're trying to update has an equation in it. Until I find a cure for this we're stuck using 2004 to process daily orders. Any help would be appreciated.