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Creating a new revision symbol

Question asked by Daniel Eelman on Feb 21, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2008 by Steve Calvert
We would like to create a new revision symbol, but do not know how to automatically link the revision letter to the revision it is associated with. It this possible?

Specifically, back in our Acad days, we had always used a revision symbol that contained the rev letter, subscripted with a number for each change detail. I would like to try to duplicate that. I am ok with creating a block to insert, rather than using the Add Symbol feature from the table. As a block, I'm sure I could set it up to manually enter the revision letter & number (that's what we did in Acad anyway), but if it at least the letter could be linked it would be great. I tried linking to the "Revision" property, but that causes all symbols in the drawing to update to the current revision, regardless of when they were inserted. Any idea how the revision letter in the revision table knows what letter to take, and then stays there? FYI, I know nothing about writing code or using an API, so that route won't help me much.


Dan Eelman
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