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    Confusion in Options - Lightweight

    Don Vanzile

      There seems to be a contradiction in the options for loading assemblies lightweight. See atttached file and tell me if I just haven't had enough coffee yet this morning.

      If I check "Automatically load components lightweight".... what about the option is set to "always" resolve components option below???? Seems to contradict doesn't it?

      Also, on a side note, I don't want to ever load asseblies in lightweight mode and for some reason the check in options always turns on seemingly random. I've just upgraded to SP3 and it still does this. Has anyone else noticed this?

        • Confusion in Options - Lightweight
          Jim Wilkinson
          Hi Don,

          If you look at the help file for that page, it explains in a bit of detail these different options. In summary:
          The first option determines what happens when loading the assembly.

          The second option determines what happens when you are dealing with a lightweight component and SolidWorks needs to resolve it to perform the desired action.

          I am not sure why that setting would change itself randomly. If you figure out the sequence that causes it, please be sure to submit it to your reseller so it can be examined and potentially fixed.