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Update Administrative Image

Question asked by Neil Jordan on Feb 21, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2008 by 1-5J6-999
Ok, I know it has been covered and there are guides here, but I need to get it straight in my mind.

I have an administrative image installed on my server at i:\solidworks 2008\solidworks 2008 SP2 Admin Image

This I had to roll out via a batch file version of the .hta file (as it always errored out even with the right security settings - but kind of expected it the error trapping on it is "if you have an error, display the same message, even if it is nothing to do with it!")

This has worked ok on my 3 machines.

Now there is the new Service Pack.

With this installation method, I am guessing that I need to install to a new directory, then roll out with a batch file again?

Note that I didn't install via a share name, as this wasn't ever mentioned until it was too late.