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    Click on file to open trouble

    Todd Davis
      I have been have some trouble for awhile now when I try and click on a solidworks file to open it. When I already have SW open it will not open in the current SW. It will try and open a completely new instance of SW. This usually doesn't work and then my system starts running poorly and a restart is needed to bring things back in check.

      Any suggestions. Thanks

        • Click on file to open trouble
          Jerry Steiger
          Try making your open part or assemby window smaller, then drag the file into the empty space beside the window. Works for me in 2007.
          • Click on file to open trouble
            Jonathan Hunter
            Since 2005, we have not been able to double-click SWX files to open them; they have to be dragged into the SolidWorks window/toolbar. Double-clicking files used to cause SWX to throw a "file not found" error. Now, it randomly starts another instance of SolidWorks that is not visible to the user. You have to kill the duplicate SWX process via the Task Manager when this happens.

            If you are not ending the second instance of the program, that would explain why your system resources go thpbpbpbt! (technical term) afterwards.