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    File, open, thumbnail graphics

    Mark Kaiser
      Those little thumbnail graphics that come up when you go to your file, open, menu, and move your mouse over the list of recently opened documents. Is it possible to shut the thumbnail graphics off? I believe my computer is hanging on the thumbnails.
        • File, open, thumbnail graphics
          Troy Peterson
          System options, about 8 check boxes down "Show thumbnail graphics in windows" uncheck
          • File, open, thumbnail graphics
            Mark Kaiser
            The only problem with the hotkey to bring up the recent documents box, is that it isn't available when you first open SW. This is when my problem was occuring. It could be I'm just not patient enough when I first turn on my computer and SW, that my computer is still booting when I start SW, and that it just has a hard time displaying those thumbnail graphics, which is why I would like to shut them off. Less fluff, more work please.
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              Kelvin Lamport
              The 'R' shortcut is available immediately when I open SW2008.

              Sounds like you have something else running in the background or you are just not allowing enough time for the OS to fully boot.
              Are other programs doing an auto-update?

              So far I have found SP3 has been much snappier on my machine. The Design Library folders used to take about 7 seconds to open; now they open instantly. The HW used to take about 30 seconds, now it's about 5.
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                Brandon Werdel
                In the File > Open dialog box, there is a checkbox in the upper right corner that says "Thumbnail." Unchecking this will turn off the display of thumbnail graphics in the right side of the dialog box, but not in the Explorer browser.
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                    Mark Kaiser

                    I meant the pull down file menu, not the dialog box. It'd still be nice to be given the option to shut the thumbnail graphics off in the file pull down menu also. Give the user an option!
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                        Wim Van Der Velden

                        Do you have Nero Software installed?

                        I found the following in another thread:

                        Tony Parker wrote:


                        I just built a new system and had SolidWorks do the same thing on 1st Startup/Reboot. Found out (through another forum) the Nero Software that was included with my DVD Burner put an executable into the boot sequence that caused SolidWorks to hang. Once I turned it off in MSCONFIG, the machine (and SW-2008 v.3.1) has run fine.

                        You may want to check and see what programs are loading upon reboot through MSConfig, and try shutting off the ones you know are not critical to basic system function. Good luck!

                        This solution works also for me, SW starts up now correctly!