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    PDMWorks Enterprise compatible to Syteline

    Rudy Escobar
      The company I work work uses SolidWorks PDMWorkgroup and is also using Syteline independent of each other.

      If we upgraded to PDMWorks Enterprise for the workflow capabilities, they are wondering if there is any connection that can be made to Syteline.

      Syteline website mentions an add-in for Solidworks BOM, so I think there can be a connection.

      Does anyone know or is using them all together?

      Rudy Escobar
      OI Analytical
        • PDMWorks Enterprise compatible to Syteline
          Eric Martin
          Not directly. There is a company that has a SAP connector and claims it will work with Syteline. But I think that is for the mssql version of syteline. Not for the progress version.

          Anyways we do some data exchange but it is all custom programmed.

          BTW we are new to PDM Enterprise. Still in the implementation phases. ( Not impressed at all) I have noticed that one big flaw is that there is very limited functionallity between Solidworks and PDMWorks and PDMWorks is not very customizable without the creation of add-ins. And that gets expensive if your VAR does it. Ours charged use 12000 dollars for a addin that will create and move a PDF of a file when it goes through a certain state in a workflow and we still had to modify the code after they created it. So now I try to develop the code myself with the help of the great ppl here.

          For instance I created a dll that will updte the rev value in syteline to the current rev of a document when it goes through the workflow.

          Good luck and lets stay in touch. I would like to share knowledge with this topic. (We have a onsite syteline developer here so it makes some things easier when trying to create interfaces between Syteline and other applications)