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Question asked by John Lhuillier on Feb 20, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2008 by Dan Eldred

I find that doing a SAVE AS REFERENCE in an assembly drawing is TOTALLY USELESS in 2008. The new UI for this is a real POS. Did the programmer even try this before getting it approved for use. If so then the person that approved it should be fired because he/she didn't use it.

If you try to save the assembly to a new file name, the external relations goes out of context. (spr issued),
It always comes up in NESTED VIEW every time. Why not have a setup to choose which way we want it to come up or remember what we picked last time and open it that way.
You have to mouse pick and drag over all the files to select them all. A box like there was in ALL earlier versions to select all would have been a nice thing to keep.

Can't do a FIND/REPLACE or it sure as heck doesn't work like it did in earlier versions. Selected all the files, then chose ADD/REPLACE. Typed in -01 for FIND and CVX for replace and get an error that the FILE NAME ENTERED WAS INVALID,NOT FOUND,LOCKED OR OF AN INCOMPATIBLE TYPE.

Trying to do a rename in the file references doesn't work 95% of the time or takes several mouse picks to do.

In other words, this UI Change did nothing to increase the productivity but I guess that's not important any more. We just want it to look nice and pretty for the salesman.