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    Drawing Toolbar not showing

    Rylan Summit
      I have created drawing templates for my engineering group. In a nutshell, what's happening is when I create a new drawing from part or just use one of the templates, the drawing toolbar does not show up. The Modeling toolbar is present instead.

      Is it possible that I need to save something else besides the template to get the correct toolbars to show up?

      Any thoughts on how to fix this?
        • Drawing Toolbar not showing
          Dan Riffell
          while in a drawing you'll need to get rid of the modelling toolbar and add-in your drawing toolbar. Position the toolbar and resave your drawing template. You should do the same for parts and assemblies. Close the file and reopen it. If that doesn't solve the problem then you are one of the many victims of SolidWorks' fabulour jumping toolbar issue (as am I). I solved my problem by not using toolbars at all anymore which was only made possible by the new '08 UI. As far as I know SW hasn't addressed the issue yet.