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    Graphic logo in drawing

    Elna Herselman
      I'm busy with creating customer drawings. Meaning that I'll take a drawing of the component, add a few dimensions, slap it to a sheet with the company logo and watermark and print.
      Now here is the problem: when printing from Solid Works there is no problem but as soon as I save the file to .PDF the logo disappear and in .jpg or .tif format the logo is there but suddenly the watermark has a black box surrounding it? How can I overcome this and what causing this to happen in the first place?
        • Graphic logo in drawing
          Anna Wood

          What version and SP of SolidWorks are you using?

          Can you post an example sldprt and slddrw file so we can give it a try on our systems? Be sure to zip up the files in an archive and upload the zip file.

            • Graphic logo in drawing
              Elna Herselman
              I'm working with SW2008 SP0.0. I've tried downloading the updates but it keeps on failing. The person supplying the support for this could not help me with it.

              I found the graphics used from Coral draw are the ones disappearing or converting to solid coloured blocks when saving in PDF format. The file I'm attaching does not have that problem. (sorted that out) I've compiled a zip file that has the drawing plus a .PDF and .jpg file of what happens with the watermark. There is in reality not a line around the watermark but it somehow only appears when converting it to other formats. Solid Works it selves still prints it out fine. I'm baffled.
                • Graphic logo in drawing
                  Harold West
                  Hi Elna

                  It's not a solidworks problem. . it's how the pdf driver interrupts your drawing . Here is how you can fix it . . check your drivers properties . . and look for a tab where your driver talks about print your documents " in Raster or Vector " form. If it is set to " Raster" change it to " Vector". I would walk you thought it . . . but I don't' know which version of acrobat your using . .