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    Is there a "Classic" UI for SolidWorks 2008?

    Chris Manger
      Is there a "Classic" UI option for SolidWorks 2008, similar to the classic UI option in Windows XP ?
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          John Lhuillier
          Nope. You can turn off most of the extra crap they figured we'd need and get it close to normal
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            Gerald Davis
            Chris -
            I understand your question - I asked a similar one when I first encountered SW08. The short answer is no.

            My prediction is that you'll end up using the "S" key menu and the LMB / RMB mouse menus 80% of the time. You'll turn off nearly all of the other toolbars. You may not even use the Command Manager any more.

            Pin the text menu that appears to the right of the SolidWorks Logo to keep it in place. That's about the only one left that I use.

            The hardest part was learning what all of the new icons mean. The 2nd hardest was learning to like the flydown icons (still working on that).

            The rewards: less menu bar clutter around the graphics window, less mouse movement, more consistency on where the tools appear on the menu.

            The penalties: SW07 will seem quaint, changing component colors is a new process - I had to get a brain transplant in order to figure it out, you'll shout at your monitor while trying to figure out where they hid stuff.

            SW08 is far from perfect, but I find the changes in the UI to actually save time (I slow down when I revert to SW07 habits - that still happens all too often).
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              Jason Raak
              I would agree with Gerald 100%. I believe even though the changes were dramatic I rarely find myself leaving the area that I am working in. The key to this is to set up your shortcut bar so that it is useful no matter what you are doing. It took me a while to set the shortcut bar up just because I took note of what I kept going to my other toolbars for and then I added those things to my shortcut bar. I still have the command manager active but no other toolbars. Use the new interface for a while and I am certain you will grow to like it more than the old UI.
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                  Basil Gello

                  te another problem with this UI (same as with the previous ones inthe latest SPs for 2007) is a very high memory consumption to get it drawn. The first idea coming to mind when you see all these BMP files in a TEMP folder is - to do that all grayscaled and minimize many of them. How about gray interface, ha?

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                  Don Vanzile
                  I don't understand the people who say that you can't have it the 'old' classic way.
                  You can certainly turn off the command manager if you want and just have toolbars scatered everywhere if you wish.

                  You can even go into the customize toolbars menu and uncheck 'show in shortcut menu' under context toolbar settings. This gets rid of all those new icons in the rmb that you have to learn and goes back to the LOOOOOONG list of options instead.

                  To me.... the classic option is still there. You just have to manually know how to do it. the only limitation is having the command manager on the left side. Although I hear that limitation is going away with SW 2009.

                  I think SW could have avoided a lot of this early dislike of the new UI if they just didn't force it upon the users on installation. They should have had an option to flip the settings on or off with what I mentioned manually above. Most users never understand how to go and customize the UI apparently.

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                    Bill Rose
                    I have SWx2008 set up about like 2007. The "Heads Up" toolbar is gone, the RMB icons are gone, my toolbars are where they used to be (I never liked CM's extra mouse clicks so it's not there either). The toolbars take up very little space so I'm happy to have them. The shortcut toolbar icons are too small and translucent to be useful otherwise I might give them a try.

                    The LMB icons are the same way -- too small and hard to see. I have the LMB toolbar active now but it just gets in the way so I'll need to turn it off too. Most of the commands I use have either a keyboard hotkey or a spaceball button.

                    I suspect it will become more difficult to 'customize' the UI in future versions. They'll shove this idea of getting everything off the screen (replaced by context toolbars with little tiny icons) down our throats whether we like it or not.

                    It would be nice if they would make sure these new features work before they leave us with no options; Case in point -- the 'Browse Open Files' command which is supposed to allow you to pick an open file from a group of icons. This new feature eliminated the text version of the expanded file list you used to get from the Window menu by clicking 'More'. Now all I see is a two second flash of the dialog with the icons before it closes and toggles me to the second file in the list. Even a quick click on one of the other icons before the dialog closes does nothing. There's no way to see my open files and to select one if it's not on the list in the Windows menu, I have to close open files until the list is short enough to fit in the menu.

                    From my POV, the new UI needs a lot of work. The old UI was more usable.......Bill