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eDrawing import / conversion

Question asked by Barney Holmes on Feb 18, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2008 by Barney Holmes

I was using models provided by a David Velasquez for a project of mine to educate people about the International Space Station. He had built these in Solidworks. He had given me full permission to use the models.

Here is my project: (Note, it is in a production state).

Unfortunately, I have now lost contact with David Velasquez. The website where he held his ISS model in eDrawing format has been taken down and his email address has changed. A web search turns up nothing.

I only have a few of the parts of the main ISS model exported from Solidworks in STL format. But I do have his entire model in eDrawings format and would like to continue with my project.

Is there an eDrawing convertor to other model formats ? Or would someone be willing to convert the model for me using Solidworks ? I cannot afford a full license for SW at this time. Especially not just for a single model conversion ! Of course, you would be fully credited in my project details.

Barney Holmes ( )