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    Pop up on desk top

    Sheri Gillett
      When I do not have Solidworks 2008 open and I am working on other programs this annoying Solidworks window open at the top of my screen and shows demos. It takes all my memory and prevents working on anything else. I have to wait until it completes its thing before I can close it, then it pops up again later. How do I prevent it from popping up ever. What is its purpose?
        • Pop up on desk top
          Larry Kutcher
          This is more than likely not a "demo" but rather dissection at work...
          Do a search and you'll find many threads on how to manage that wonderful added feature...

            • Pop up on desk top
              Sheri Gillett
              Yes that is exactly what is is and as soon as I can I will turn it off. I have only my files to manage so I don't think a file search tool will be of much value to me. It looked like there were several options in the threads on how to turn it off, hopefully I won't need to reinstall.

              Are there any other suprises I will need to turn off?

              On another note I have had the mass properties fail to calculate and cosmos fail on simple analysis. Is anyone else having this happen?

              Thank you