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    Missing line segments when saving as DWG

    Dean Stevens
      When saving a SolidWorks drawing to a DWG file, my system sometimes leaves out small line segments in the DWG file. For months, the conversion worked fine. Later, it failed consistently, leaving out line segments especially on parts of text elements (sketches made with the text tool, then cut-extruded into a material). This behavior completely stopped my workflow for several weeks (which requires the DWG conversion), and now it's working again. I don't know why!

      If anyone has suggestions as to how/why this happens, I'd really appreciate some feedback. I can tell you this:

      1. I'm working with SolidWorks 2006-2007 Academic Edition
      2. I doubt it's the files. When opened in a newer version of SolidWorks, the conversion works fine. These same files worked fine previously on the original system too.
      3. I tried reinstalling SolidWorks and this didn't fix the problem.

      Your thoughts?

        • Missing line segments when saving as DWG
          John Burrill
          The acedemic version of Solidworks 2006/2006 should be the same build as the commercial version of Solidworks 2006. Have you tried obtaining and installing the Solidworks 2006 service packs? I'm not sure what the requirements are for doing this, but in your place, I'd try to get my installation up to service pack 5.1, taking advantage of every incorporated fix.