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Network license relase

Question asked by John Walker on May 29, 2016
Latest reply on May 31, 2016 by Thomas S.

Is there any way to force a release of a Solidnetwork license? We have one Solidworks Professional license for 2 users, one working remotely. Using a VPN connection for the remote user works, however the combination of internet connection and VPN is not 100% reliable, and we occasionally can't return the license from the remote location. Today I need the license in the non-remote location and since it is the weekend, the VPN connection is not likely to work, nor is anyone in the remote office, nor is the VAR open. Is waiting for the license to expire in several days or waiting for the VAR to open really the only option?


I found answers online related to lmutil's lmremove command, but it seems to be disabled.


This isn't a workable situation, and we need less than one full-time seat of solidworks, let alone 2, so buying another license isn't a good option.