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Has anything changed in 2008?

Question asked by Christine Bickenbach on Feb 15, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2008 by Anna Wood
I have an assembly made up of two parts and a cut that has to be created at part level (becuase it is too complicated to make in assembly level).

the assembly and parts have different configs for the different sizes, as the cut does too.

In my design table in the assembly I would like to show the dimensions for the cut of the various sizes.

I know in the past, I would create the sketch in assembly level, than edit my part creating the sketches off of the assembly level sketch, meaning it's now driven by the assembly sketch.

Has anything changed in 2008? Or is this still the best route to go??

The parts are already modeled.... so I would save myself some time and not have to redo things... that's why I am asking.

Appreciate your help!!