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Hose to Metal Pipe Stub

Question asked by Clive Dorling on Feb 15, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2008 by Clive Dorling
I have a metal pipe stub protruding from a flange. I wish to place onto this pipe a rubber hose that pushes onto it by say 50mm. Simple enough in principle but try as I might I cant get this to work.

Every time I generate the rubber pipe it always goes the wrong way ie; into the flange instead of away from it. I have tried changing the direction of the CPoints to no avail. Nothing I have tried seems to work. Technical Support at Solidworks suggest that I make up an intermediate connecting piece with CPoints etc this seems a bit messy to me.

Has anyone else come across a similar problem, if so how did you overcome it?

Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.