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    Draft quality views

    Jeff Hamilton
      Does anyone really use them?
      The quality of any draft quality views is so poor I never even use them. And when Solidworks automatically changes regular views over to draft quality its a big pain!

      I vote for eleminating it altogether.
        • Draft quality views
          Charles Culp
          No, I advocate never using them, and always waiting for a drawing to rebuild fully before saving/printing/etc.
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            Eddie Cyganik

            Jeff & Charles,

            I believe it is just a matter of time before draft quality views are in fact a thing of the past.

            I think the current functionallity is only in place for legacy data.

            Also, once views are converted to high quality, there is not going back.
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                Jeff Hamilton
                From time to time I get this message when I save that says that some of my views are being converted to draft quality and will be converted to high quality when the drawing is opened again. But it doesn't. (Why does it do that anyway?)

                If it was easier to tell that status on screen it would be helpful.

                What I would like is an option to never convert to draft quality.

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                    Michael Kramer
                    I think that in SW2006 was the first year without Draft views which means you cannot select draft quality. From what I understand is that when you open a drawing it opens with the views in draft quality even if you have them in high quality and then it will rebuild all the views to convert them to high quality. This saves time when you open the drawing but will give you the Draft View Message if you save it too soon do to it is not completed updating the views.

                    Search for sldbgproc.exe in the SW Knowledge base for more info.