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    Display of Assembly Components in Drawing

    Art Garibay

      I am having difficulty with the following:

      - Showing Phantom Components (in dwg)
      - Hiding Components (in dwg)
      - Unselecting Components from being X-Sectioned (in dwg)

      Are there any tutorials, preferably in Video format that may explain it to me?

      Thank you.
        • Display of Assembly Components in Drawing
          Jeff Hamilton
          Not that I am aware of, however they are all fairly easy.

          To make a component phantom, right click on it on the drawing or in the tree and under component, choose the component line font. That will open the dialog box to choose what you want.
          Much the same with hiding a component. right click on it either in the view or in the tree for that view and under component, select to hide. This is also available as a right click on the view and select properties. A dialog window will open which has a hide/show components window. Just click in that window and then select the parts you want from the drawing view or tree.
          To eleminate part from a section you go to that same place (RBM on the view and select properties) then go to the section scope tab. Select the window and then the parts from the view or tree.

          Probably sounds more complicated than it is.