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    "My Computer" in File open dialog?

    Rich Osterreicher
      How do i get the "My Computer" icon to be listed in the file open, save, etc. dialogs?
      All it has is Recent, Desktop, My Documents, Favorites, Network Places..
      I want "My Computer" to be listed too...

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          Troy Peterson
          That dialog box is hard coded. The only way to get "My Computer" is through the pull down, as you probably already know. Send it in as an enhancement to replace the "Favorites" button, who surfs the web from this location?
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              Glenn Wilkins
              Put a shortcut to My Computer on your desktop. Click desktop and then my computer. Not what you wanted but one extra click and you're there.
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                  Rich Osterreicher
                  Thanks Glen.
                  Didn't think of that...

                  Why is SW the only program in the world that doesn't have My Comp in the dialogs?

                  I think i submitted Er's for it before..
                  Have to do it again..

                  Troy, I have never seen or heard of anyone ever using the Favorites button there... And also, who ever uses the "My Network Places"? Maybe somebody i guess???