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    HOW to Delete a Workflow in use?

    valai vadivel
      I have created the workflow.In that i run one file completely.Now i m unable to delete the workflow.How do i delte that?
        • HOW to Delete a Workflow in use?
          Eric Martin
          Sounds like you have a file stuck in a state in your workflow.

          Use your search feature and seach for files in the workflow states. Clean those up and you should be all set.

          Also if you are replacing it with another workflow you might want to add a final transition that pushes the documents into the new workflow. Not familular with the terminology but if yor editing workflows you should know what I mean.
            • HOW to Delete a Workflow in use?
              You cannot delete a workflow if any files in the vault are in that workflow. Two ways to solve the problem.

              First way is to destroy all of the files that are in that workflow, deleting files only puts them in PDMWE recycle bin. You have to destroy the files. To destroy the file, you RMB on the folder that the file was in and got to Properties. There is a "Deleted items" tab that lists the files. RMB on the file in the list and "Destroy". You do have to have destry permissions to do this.

              The second way is only available in PDMWE 2008. It has something called a "Workflow Link" to move files from one workflow to another. You would create a new good workflow. Edit your workflow that you want to delete and add this "workflow link". You can they "Change States" to move the file to the new workflow.
            • HOW to Delete a Workflow in use?
              Jeff Sweeney
              Nice tip Wayne. Though Workflow links were available before PDMWE 2008.
              • HOW to Delete a Workflow in use?
                I guess it was added in 2007. I learned the product in 2006 and it was not there at that time. Was one of my complaints about the product, you had to develop complex workflows. Did not notice it in the 2007 what's new.