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Control to uncontrol motion

Question asked by Valentin Leung on Feb 13, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2008 by Ian Hogg
Dear All,
I have a pretty simple problem but I am not sure I can simulate it with Motion (at least, I still did not find the way to).

It's pretty simple, I have a cap that is articulated with a box, the box is fixed to the ground, I have a revolute joint between both. I have a kind of geometry that I have simplified has a spring between the box and the cap.
Basically, when a user push the cap up, he will feel some resistance, after a certain angle, the spring will pass an equilibrum point and will flip the cap over.

Basically, you may find this kind of motion on a shampoo cap. (head & shou***, that's the first brand that comes into my mind)

Now, my problem is too simulate this motion. if I control a rotation to a certain angle, let say that I push the lid untill it is vertical, nothing happens afterwards... which is logical as I don't control it beyond.

I tried to simulate a tab that will push the cap untill the equilibrum point and hope that the spring will force the flip over, but I cannot get a proper contact.

So I finally come to ask help here..

First, can I simulate this kind of motion in Motion?