Jason Capriotti

Service pack upgrade (Admin image)

Discussion created by Jason Capriotti on Feb 12, 2008
Ok, I've got 2008 setup as an admin image. I install sp1.1, then update the image to sp2.0 and the clients update. But if you look in Add/Remove programs on the client, it lists both 1.1 and 2.0. I can only imagine that this will get worse as time goes in.....sp3.0, sp3.1, sp4.0, etc...

There are not two installs, just one so I tried removing SolidWorks, edrawings, dwgeditor, etc. Now I'm still left with both sp1.1 and sp2.0. Well, I finally figured out that these entries that are left are for the install manager.....apparently both sp1.1 and sp2.0 are left behind.

Now you can manually remove them from Add/Remove programs but I can't for the life of me figure out how to silently remove them. There's no command switch list anywhere for "sldim.exe". The registry shows "/remove" but all it does is bring up Install Manager and tells you that no products are installed, though if you hit "Remove" it will then remove the install manager.

This installation manager needs to cleanup after itself better when upgrading from one service pack to another.