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Service patch upgrade process issues

Question asked by Kevin Quigley on Feb 12, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2008 by Peter Nichols
Normally I upgrade to the latest service patch by going Help menu>check for updates then following instructions and normally I just let it run and go to meetings etc but today I was around and noticed that this happens:

1. The installer downloads a small(relatively) 14MB file.
2, It then kicks in the upgrade process (I selected upgrade a copy of SW 2008 to SP2.1) and installs away. This time though I selected "ask for files needed" and was surprised at what was being asked for. File after file of 70MB, 100MB, 340MB etc. I am thinking, is this an upgrade or a new installation?

3. I kicked out of this and tried install from DVD and it asks for the SW 2008 SP2 DVD....well I don't have that I have SW 2008 SP0 - like most I imagine.

Checking my download history I can see that when I upgraded to SW 2008 SP2 from SP0 I actually downloaded 3GB of data from SW website.

Something is not right here I think. Is anyone else noticing this? Surely a service patch is, well, a patch, a small(ish) file that patches things. Not a 3GB fresh installation?

Now I use a lot of other software that is patched (like Adobe and FormZ) and they ARE patches - small files. They are seamless installations as well - you start the software - get a dialogue popping up saying "new patch available do you want to install now?". Hit yes. Install begins, downloads the small file (usually 5-20MB), installs and restarts the application. Job done.

I am not seeing this "ease of use" with SolidWorks....why?