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    Open/Closed Leaders

    Matt Dollhopf
      Ok, chalk this up to new functionality in 08, or i'm going blind. Would appreciate some help. I've recently had to do a fresh install of 08, i'm back to SP 2.1, but lost all of my custom settings/templetes/etc... currently 'fixing' everything.

      Right now, when i add any dimensions to a drawing, my leaders come up closed. I do have the option in the leader tab of the property manager to switch between closed/open, but for the life of me i cannot find this in the options tabs ANYWHERE. See attached to illustrate.


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          Eddie Cyganik

          Open Leaders are a function of the type of dimension you are inputting; Diameter or Radius.

          In your case, it looks like you have a Diameter dimension with one arrow. So, in the PM for the Diameter dimension, "Leader" tab, uncheck the box for "Use document second arrow". I believe the option(s) you're looking for will become available.

          EDIT: Also, if you choose to dimension a diameter as a Radius, the otions are also available.
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            Matt Dollhopf
            Eddie: I understand where the options are in the property manager. I however, cannot change the default so they are always displayed as open. Currently, they always come up as closed. Where can this be configured in the options so i can adjust my drawing template?
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              Matt Dollhopf
              ISO OR ANSI, both function the same way. Still does not appear to be a broken leader for 'broken leader, horizontal text' in my opinion.
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                Daniel Smith
                I had an issue similar just a little while ago, part of my registry (or became corrupted) went missing while going to sp2.0.
                Would only recommend this if your out of options though, you'll have to redo all of your custom settings.

                1. Control Panel-->Add or Remove Programs-->SolidWorks [version]-->Change-->Next, and proceed with the install. This would re-install any missing components.
                2. If that does not solve the problem, reset the current user settings:
                - Close any open SolidWorks sessions
                - Open the registry editor (start > Run... > regedit > OK)
                - Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > SolidWorks
                - Rename 'SolidWorks' to 'SolidWorks_old'
                - Start SolidWorks.
                A new default set of user settings is generated this way. Check to see if the issue is resolved. To return to your initial settings:
                - Delete the new key HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > SolidWorks
                - Rename 'SolidWorks_old' to 'SolidWorks'.

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                  Marcos Rodríguez

                  Hi Matt,


                  Check my reply to the issue.




                  I've created a macro that will fix this.


                  Please, let me know if it works and give me the right answer.!!



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                    Daniel Melendez

                    Hi Matt, I'm not in 08 but here is where I was able to toggle between the two. Not sure if you checked that or if you're simply looking for an overall permanent automated re-occurring not have to worry about it type of thing. I pick the center button and it's closed, the left button open, and the right button supposedly smart leader.