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    How to Set New Defaults

    Rylan Summit
      I have used Solidworks for about a year now for school work. I've recently graduated and started a new job where it has now become my job to set up Solidworks for in office use. I have no experience in setting up defaults for parts, drawings, assemblies, etc. I am in need of some help or tips to change my default settings so that when one of my colleagues or I start a new part or drawing we don't have define the document properties each time and also define some standard drawing templates. I'm trying to set:

      ANSI standards
      Decimal places
      3rd Angle Projection
      Custom Drawing Borders/Title Blocks
      Drawing tempates that are available via our server (I can create the template but I'm having trouble associating the desired document properties)
      Parametric part naming of parts for autofilling a BOM in an assembly

      We are currently trying to standardize our drawings and save some time.

      Any help will be greatly appreciated.

        • How to Set New Defaults
          Charles Culp

          Every single one of those topics has been discussed in the last year on this forum, so you have come to a good place to find this information. Do a search, using the topics you have listed, and you should find most of them pretty quickly. Everything you have mentioned is either a technique, or saved as a template of some sort. Create a template by setting up a part/assembly/drawing/table as you want it to look, then choose "Save As..." and select template. You will also need to "Save As.." Drawing formats, and right click on your BOM tables, and choose "Save as template".

          Part Templates
          Assembly Templates
          Drawing Templates (.drwdot)
          Drawing Formats (.slddrt)
          BOM Table Favorites (.sldbomtbt)

          If you use any other specialty things, there are other sorts of templates that can be saved as well. Do a search for each of your topics, and then let us know if there was something specific you couldn't find. To find techniques for automatically finding BOMs, do a search for "part number", you will have to wade through a bit, but the are there. Look for the topics with stars.
          • How to Set New Defaults
            Rylan Summit