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Change Material in Design Tables

Question asked by Rhett Rathbone on Feb 12, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2008 by Rhett Rathbone
Good Day to All,

This is going to sound like a bone-head question, but...

Does anyone know how to globally change the material definition of a part that is built by a design table?

For example, I have a pipe elbow that has different configurations (sizes) driven by a design table. Currently we save each different material as a separate part file...WPB-234 is one file, A-105 is another, etc. If I need to build a new part, say a 316SS, currently I have to toggle through each configuration to change the material, extremely tedious. For built features I can apply the changes to specific configs or globally if I like, it seems that I should have the same functionality for material definitions as well, I just can't seem to find it! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks!