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Description not changing when $PRP is used

Question asked by Glenn Wilkins on Feb 12, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2008 by Glenn Wilkins
Joy, maybe you can chime in on this one.

We set up our templates so that the "Description" field in the Custom Properties reads the "Title" from the Summary page. We do this by putting the variable:
$PRP:"SW-Title" and we do the same for the number field by putting in the variable
$PRP:"SW-File Name". That way upon initial checking, the Description and the Number would be set. In SW2006, once PDMW had control of it, those two fields were overwritten by the software. So the next time you checked them out, they would have the actual text and not the variables in those fields.

Now in SW2008 (we skipped 2007), the initial check in is fine but PDMWW is not overwriting those variables in the item. So when we change the description in the vault, it does not save it back to the item. The description field is still $PRP:"SW-Title".

Was this an "enhancement". Is there a way around this?