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    Visual Fortran run-time error

    Kurt Rebarchek
      In Cosmos 2007, I am running the solver for a static plastic part application. I keep getting a Visual Fortran run-time error that states "forrtl:severe (28):CLOSE error, until 66, file "Unknown". It lists STAR.exe as an image problem. Any ideas why this message is popping up?
        • Visual Fortran run-time error
          Kurt Rebarchek
          I found out the issue. COSMOS was being blocked by the PDM system we are using because I was trying to save the Cosmos results to the vault. Once I did not save the results to the vault this issue was solved.

          Right click on the Study in the COSMOSWorks Manager tree and select properties. At the bottom of the Options tab is the Results folder location. I changed this to not point to the vault to save the results.

          After this change, the error was gone.