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    analysis of face plate.

      dear friends,
      i am analysing one steel face plate.
      i am confused in boundary conditions.
      Face plate used to carry 1700 kgs weight plates for drilling operation.
      i gave this 1700 kgf as a normal force on top of the face plate.
      base is fixed.
      i got 10 mm deflection.
      this is unacceptable for my customer.
      please help me to find boundary condition for this problem.
        • analysis of face plate.
          Basil Gello
          what do you want to say with the word 'unacceptable'? The stress and deformation depend not only on the load on a plate but first of all on the material props and thickness of a plate you are analysing. Have you got the experimental results? If so, and the calculated deflection differs from the real one greatly, the trouble is really with your analysis. If not, what do you want from the software?
          Check your model or try to use the full model of your carrier to determine all the loads.

          Regards, Basil