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    Axis orientation...

    Mark Henrichs
      I'm familiarizing myself with SW 2008 after quit a long time away but I'm running across a pet peeve from the past.

      It concerns the orientation of the sketch planes relative to the XYZ axis indicator at the bottom of the screen. The default sketch plane orientation in a trimetric view is ok (top, front, right side, etc.), but the axis indicator seems wrong.

      For example: The "Top" sketch plane should be associated with the "X-Y" plane, but by default it's oriented to the "X-Z" plane.

      I had trouble getting across to Tech Support long ago on this as most of them don't ever pay much attention to the axis designation. I tried to explain it like this:
      The top of an object is almost always associated the Z-positive direction or "UP".....now, pick up the coffee cup on your desk and hold it normally and the top will be "up" towards the positive Z direction. Ok so far....but if you turn the cup so its top is orientated to the Z-axis indicator on the SW screen you've just tipped the cup and dumped coffee on your keyboard. The "Top" orientation isn't "UP".....drives me nuts since I'm always trying visualizing my designs in their real-world orientation.

      Ok, so have I confused everyone? Is there an easy way to change the orientation?
        • Axis orientation...
          Mark Henrichs
          I just noticed this was addressed a few days ago in the post:
          "Change axis on the systems default triad/coordinatesystem"

          Looks like it will work as suggested and I will save as templates.....only odd thing is the label on the "Right" view is turned 90°, but I can live with that.

          • Axis orientation...
            Kelvin Lamport
            The reason the label of the Right Plane is rotated 90° is because that is exactly all that has happened. The spacebar-orientation method is only a 'temporary' workaround. The orientation can be reset (at any time) by simply clicking on the Reset button in the Orientation box.