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    Loft Problems(See File)

      The profile curves and guide lines must be coincident or pirced together. Your curves are not connected correctly.
        • Loft Problems(See File)
          Could someone please look at my file and tell me why it won't loft.

          Thanks alot.
          • Loft Problems(See File)
            You're right. The circle and ellips have to connect to the curves.
            • Loft Problems(See File)
              Yes thats the shape. Except for the base (Narrower Part)
              which should be closed and rounded not flat.
              How did you get it to loft around this shape.
              Do my curves on the front plan need to connect with the ellipse and circle?

              • Loft Problems(See File)
                Could you walk me through it?
                • Loft Problems(See File)
                  Here I have posted a file.
                  I'm not sure this is the correct design. I couldn't read out how you like to have the final bottle.
                  • Loft Problems(See File)
                    Solidworks is pretty literal about what you give it, it doesn't make assumptions well, and can't deal with approximate ideas of what you are looking for.

                    The first problem was that the guide curves went up one side, curved over at the top, and then came down the other side. SolidWorks wants to see these as separate curves, left and right. It likes it best if they are in separate sketches. Also, the horizontal tangent line at the top should be a construction line.

                    The second problem I saw was that the curves don't really touch each other. They have to be exact. Really touch. Guide curve touches the profile.