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    SQL Server RAM

    Devon Sowell
      Hello All-

      Is there a Rule Of Thumb about which version of SQL Server should be used, based upon the Number Of Files or the Size of all the Files?

      I may have heard this before, but I can't find it. Please see the screenshot below.

      Thanks in advance.
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          Joy Garon
          Hi Devon -

          I think it's really a question of which OS version to use and which SQL Server version to use (Standard, which ships with PDME or Enterprise).
          Number and size of files are a factor for your storage solution.
          The chart you are showing has more to do with how much memory SQL Server can address given different OS and SQL Server combinations.
          What you are looking for is: how big is my database? - Because you want your entire database to be loaded into memory for optimal performance.
          For the database server you care about CPU performance and memory.
          For the archive server you care about I/O performance and storage capacity.

          As for OS versions, look here for a comparison:
          As for SQL Server, look here for a comparison:

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              Devon Sowell
              Hi Joy-

              Thanks for the information and links, I really appreciate it.

              Have a great weekend.
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                  Todd Puckett
                  Our recent experience might be helpful. We were running the database server on a server with 4 Gb RAM, using SQL 2005 and Server 2003. We moved the database server to a new server with 8 Gb RAM running 64 bit version of SQL 2005 and Server 2003 x64 edition.
                  On the old server PDMWE 2008 would start bogging down when the server reached 3 GB Total Commit Charge. We would restart the SQL instance to free up memory.
                  On the new server we are running consistently at 6 Gb RAM (2 SQL processes are using total of 5.5 Gb). We haven't had to restart SQL and we don't notice any slowness with heavy activity.
                  It seems to me (like most MS products) SQL server will use as much RAM as you give it.

                  Hope this helps