Mike Wilson

Bug in PhotoWorks Scene Setting

Discussion created by Mike Wilson on Feb 7, 2008
I've reported this to my VAR...

Confirmed in SolidWorks 2008x64 SP2.1 and 3.0EV (maybe in other releases as well).

Should have been fixed in SPR-402322?

*) Start new part or assy
*) PhotWorks-> Scene
Manager Tab:
*) Legacy-> Environments
*) Select 'Sphere Sky'
Room Tab
*) Enable 'Link all Walls'
*) Change top material to 'Default Plastic' (or any other)
*) Close
*) Do a CTRL-Q (rebuild will do it too)

Go back and look at materials. They are reset. Also, link walls
is unselected.

This problem exisist in other Scenes. Not sure to what extent.