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Insufficient Memory

Question asked by Gary Garrison on Feb 7, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2008 by Gary Garrison
I am attempting to run an analysis on an assemlby of ours. I really do wish I had more Cosmos experience, but my computer is old enough to not like Cosmos very much. I have run the /3GB Switch, I have adjusted the page file to the max allowed, and I have turned off all the WinXP GUI extras.

When I try to mesh the assembly I always run out of memory. Is there anything else I can do?

Here are my specs:
P4 2.8
2.5GB DDR-400 (not DDR2)
/3GB switch on
pagefile set to 4096MB (max allowed under WinXP)
all add-in's other than Cosmos removed

Mesh is attempted after a fresh restart, with no other programs open when I leave for othe day (it takes 2+ hours at least to error out). In task manager I am sitting at about 1.6GB the PF usage graph in use at the time of the crash. The only time I actually watched it to find out where it crashed I kept an eye on the PF USage under "Task Manager>Performance Tab" it went as high as 2.5GB but then drupped back to 1.6-1.7 GB for several minutes (15 or so) before it errored "Insufficient Memory", then when I click retry it says insufficient memory to complete task, and SW exits.

We make wire grid products, like shelving, fencing, and warehouse pallet shelves. Since I am unable to make a flat grid out of "welded" wires and then bend it like I want to, I made a sheetmetal part, cut my grid openings, and then added bends.
I am attaching an example picture of the grid I am attempting to run. The "sheetmetal formed grid .jpg" file is the shape of the formed grid without the cuts to form the grid. This is rigidly attached to a frame at the bottom of the V shaped bends and at both ends of the strait sections.

The "sheetmetal formed grid 2.jpg" is the grid with the cuts to show what I am trying to mesh.

The assembly consists of a 1-piece grid (single part), and the frame (3x0.75) rectangular tube forming a flat ladder type frame, 1 sheetmetal approximately W shaped piece (run the long axis of the frame at centerline, and a rectangular block that sits flat on the formed grid representing a piece of machinery. The frame is being only supported on the outside edges.

The formed mesh grid is 60x80 inches.
The frame OD is the same.
The rectangular block (machinery) weighs 300lb that will be sitting on the grid and has a 12x30x72 inches size envelope.

The mesh grid is basically making an airspace under the machinery. What I want is to run a gravity test to check displacement before we actually make a sample. I wish I could be more specific about what it is but at this time I am restricted on what I can discuss regarding specifics.

Does any of this make any sense?