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    Setting up drawing templates, formats, etc

    Carrie Ives
      I am new to Solidworks, but would like to get things set up as correctly as possible so we don't have to keep redoing things that are standard.

      We are starting to create drawings in Solidworks. I have created a format that has our company logo and address on it.

      We have some standard notes, where do I put those so we don't have to recreate them every time?

      Do you set up the standard tolerances as part of the format? Are they driven by a property? And how do you set that property up?

      Do you only add a revision table when you revise the drawing or do you have a line about "initial release"? If the latter, does that go in the drawing template?

        • Setting up drawing templates, formats, etc
          Drew H
          See if this helps.

          Edit: Sorry, just read some of that thread and things seem to be missing.
          Open up the .drwdot of the sheet in question.
          You can right click on the sheet and select edit format. From this point you can add notes, change/set up links to the part, etc. When finished save the.drwdot and the sheet format. Generally it is good practice to save them to a name other than the SW standards.
          Hope this helps.
          • Setting up drawing templates, formats, etc
            Carrie Ives
            I know how to save the format, I'm more wondering what all should be included in the template drawing. Do you include the standard notes? Do you set the tolerances by just typing them in or do you control them with a property? If you control them with a property, what property? Is it a drawing property or model property? I'm really looking for some guidelines on Solidworks drawing best practices.

            • Setting up drawing templates, formats, etc
              Chris Bonde
              Hi Carrie,
              Good thinking to set up your templates right from the get-go! Search this forum for the following topics: "Drawing Standards Expert?" and "Industry Standards". I'd give you links but I just had a full reply to you written out and then I lost it somehow trying to set up the links. Grr... Anyhow that's my problem, back to your question. You might find these topics useful in determining how to set up your standard templates and properties.

              The Tech Tips on the SW portal used to have a few very helpful papers on this topic but I don't see them anymore. I found them very useful along with the regular SW help when I was in your position. I might have them laying around yet if you are interested.

              Regarding our setup, we have a generic set of notes saved in our drawing template and find it very useful. It doesn't work for every drawing but it is a good start. We used to have our standard tolerances stored in our title blocks as static text however recently we switched over to having them linked to the drawing custom properties to allow them to change. This was done because we have a variety of part sizes to deal with (+/- .01" is OK for a 12" part but may doom a 1" part). We have a blank revision block saved in our drawing template. In our case, when we check in a drawing into our PDM system for the first time the revision block is updated with "Initial Release".

              I tried to attach a PDF of our standard drawing title block. Hopefully it comes through and perhaps you will find it useful.

              Good luck!