Too much thinking

Discussion created by Guest on Jun 29, 2005
I still can't make a simple animation (2005 SP3.0) of an assembly moving between two positions without a tremendous amount of time being spend waiting for solidworks to 'calculate' every time I try to move the timeline or add a key, or prompt me to say that the zero time key position has changed. I've used 3d studio twice, and I could create complex motions with ease, no training, no crunching between keys, no prompt telling me something changed. Don't tell me this keyframe editor is derived from some real animation software, I can't imagine that this is some interpretation of one. There are still too many issues with controlling parts and solidworks interrupting with its own notions to accomplish anything in reasonable amount of time. I hate to say it but give it up or get it working. Fine if I want tumble a block on the screen. But try to animate an assembly, even if there are 40 or so parts mated, a simple lever action sends parts flipping sides and numerous errors on the timeline yet I can drag the part along the path without issue. If I can position parts with mates, move and drap parts and get the motion to work the animator should have no problems but that is not that case. Nope, I just don't get it.
John G