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    Serial numbers on "Save as"

    Eirik Sæther
      This could clearly not be the intention with serial numbering.

      I've noticed a option in the PDMWE option menu in solidworks, where you can select "automatically name files on save as with serial number" but i guess that is only for creating a file name based on serial numbering.

      How can i get new numbers on parts "saved as"?

      My workaround on this one has so far been to create a copy of the file using windows explorer (inside a vault). Then i get a dialog box where i can choose to give the copied part a new serial number.

      Any thoughts of this?
        • Serial numbers on "Save as
          Martin Stokes
          Hi Eirik

          I know that you can right-click in the 'File name' field of the 'Save As' dialog and get the option to generate a new serial number - see attached. Is that what you were after?


            • Serial numbers on "Save as
              Eirik Sæther
              Hi Martin;

              I didn't know that, so it thank you for enlighten me on that one..

              But what i really want is for the variabel "number" to update with a new value from the serial number "document serial numer" and not use the same value as the previous file. When i create a new drawing inside SW and choose to save, it generates the next availble number from that counter. When i choose to save as i does not update this value.

              Hope this clarified things...

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            • Serial numbers on "Save as
              Joy Garon
              Hi Eirik,

              This should be a setting that the admin user sets from within SolidWorks using PDMWorks Enterprise > Options
              Towards the bottom of the page there is an area to set serial number generation for parts, assemblies and drawings.
              There are two options and in your case you would want both selected:
              1) Automatically name new files with serial number.
              2) Automatically name new files on save as with serial number.

              Or you can use the method Martin suggested....