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SW 2008 x64 install with SW 2007 possible?

Question asked by Paul Larsen on Feb 6, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 29, 2008 by Paul Larsen
Consistently receiving error message about C++ not being installed when attempting to install 2008 and maintain 2007 on my M90 XP Pro x64 laptop. Have been able to load other SW so the Windows Installer appears to be OK. Have attempted to double click the offending exe file as seen in the failure screen shot attached and it declares a 1419 failure and dies. Interesting there is a x64 version of the same file name in an x64 directory on the DVD.
Happens with DVD SP0.0 as well as SP2.0 and 2.1 at similar location in load sequence.
Two questions arise (at present):
Is it possible to install SW2008 with SW2007 on the same x64 pc? (I've seen that PDMWorks will not allow dual operation in another thread. Interesting since these are equal OS's)
Why won't C++ load? Or is there another deeper, non-obvious, problem?

HELP perplexed in Denver!!