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Measurement Tool/Scroll Button Freeze

Question asked by Steven Herberholt on Feb 6, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2008 by Steven Herberholt
IT installed new computers yesterday....SW07sp4 running fine initially, then started freezing. I have isolated at least one freeze to the following sequence: (1) open model (doesn't matter if model is located locally or on our server), (2) choose the measurement icon, and then (3) use the mouse scroll button to try to zoom in/out.....SW then freezes. If I use TM to close the app, then restart SW, I cannot reproduce the issue. It only happens if I restart the computer, then go through that same sequence. Drop down menus are also slow to display at times (they have a transparent look), then the chosen option will leave a ghost.

Neither happened on our older WS's using same OS/SW versions and video cards not recommended by SW.