Glenn Sullivan

License Server Change via Group Policy

Discussion created by Glenn Sullivan on Feb 6, 2008
My license server is being retired, so I have to migrate the licenses and dongle over to a new machine.

That was acomplished with minimal headaches.

Rather than have to run from computer to computer and have to change the License Server info inthe SNL Manager, I wrote the following Group Policy Administrative Template to set the License Server entry across the entire domain.

To use this file:
  1. Extract the file that is in the attached zip file. Place it anywhere convenient.
  2. Open the Group Policy Object that deploys SolidWorks (or create a new one if you want...)
  3. Right click on the "Administrative Templates" section (it doesn't matter which one) and choose "Add/Remove Templates"
  4. Browse to the location of the file attached to this post, and select it.
  5. Select the "Administrative Template" folder that is under "Computer Configuration"
  6. Click "Filtering" from the View menu, and uncheck the option "Only show policy settings that can be fully managed"
  7. Now, if you open up the "Administrative Templates" folder, you should see a folder titled "SolidWorks Settings." Select that folder in the left pane, and you will see an entry in the right pane for "License Server."
  8. Double click on that License Server entry, select the "Enabled" option at the top, and fill in your Lincese server port and name, and click OK.

Once you have done this, your computers will all pick up the new license server value when they refresh their group policies... The easiest way to kick off a refresh is to run "GPUpdate" from a command prompt.

Hope this helps someone,