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Missing extension line in cropped view

Question asked by John Bjerke on Feb 6, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2008 by John Bjerke
Hey all,

I have a sheet metal part that has an optional notch. I do not want to show it in the flat pattern, so it is suppressed. In the formed view it is unsuppressed. I want to dimension this notch in the drawing, so I have a detail view of the flat pattern where the notch would be, but SW wont let me change to configuration of the detail view. To make my "detail view" I just made a cropped view of the formed part. I am dimensioning the view, but an extension line does not show up. If i move the dimension way off the sheet, to where the part would end if it were not cropped the extension line shows up, but if I move it back to have it look right on the drawing it disappears.

Is this normal, or is this a bug?

I can just sketch the line manually, but it doesn't seem like a great solution.