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    Orbit - Trajectory - Evolvent Curve

    Mustafa Oguzhan
      Hi everyone,

      I have 2 sweet questions for everyone...

      My Sweet Question 1 -
      Is it possible to determine the orbit of any one point of a part which moves to diffrent directions in assembly? I have to use that orbit's sketch for making new parts.

      My sweet Question 2 -
      How can I sketch an evolvent curvce?

      Thanks alot...
        • Orbit - Trajectory - Evolvent Curve
          Sven-Erik Nilsson
          Question 1.
          If I understand you right it seems that you like to do something similar to a planet which is able to move around the sun in any direction and keeping a constant distance.
          Maybe your planet and sun have irregular shapes.
          It could be solved with a mate from centre point to centre point.
          Maybe I misunderstood your problem, but here is a model of my thoughts.