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    Videocards.Proffesional or game version.

    Den N
      What a difference between videocards in Solidworks in?
      Than worse a game videocard, than one professional?
      I have found only one difference: a professional videocard have the mode "Realview" works.
      What is a difference in performance?
        • Videocards.Proffesional or game version.
          John Burrill
          Well in the case of some quadro cards, there is no hardware difference between the card and it's corresponding Geforce coutnerpart-except usually a couple of resistors that keep you from loading quadro drivers.
          The principle differences are usually in the driver and OPengl implementation of the card.
          Workstation card drivers are written to accelerate multiple windows and emphasize polygon count instead of textures.
          Gaming cards are designed to provide acceleration to a single window and accelerate texture mapping since those account for most of the detail in games. Also gaming cards are typically built for DirectX over OpenGL although some have full OpenGL support.
          the real difference is in the class of drivers you get. Workstation drivers tend to be more stable than gaming drivers
          If you check in the Performance forum, you will find cases where people use Gaming cards (usually at home) to run Solidworks and with pretty good success.